A Research-Informed Training Course for Interlingual Respeaking





interlingual respeaking, live subtitling, training, task-specific skills, media accessibility


As audiovisual material is increasingly and globally streamed live, there is a growing demand for this live content to be made accessible in a foreign language. This calls for interlingual live subtitling, which is intended for both foreign-language and hearing-impaired viewers, illustrating the wide and inclusive notion of Media Accessibility (MA) where access is needed for audiences with and without disabilities (Romero-Fresco, 2018). This paper begins with an overview of interlingual respeaking including research, demand and training. Empirical results of interlingual respeaking experiments are presented with an emphasis on the task-specific skills required, which have been validated through experimental research. Then, a research-informed training model for interlingual respeaking is presented that acts as a framework upon which to base the proposal of a training course. This is regarded as an essential step to help consolidate interlingual respeaking as a viable access service and to produce quality live subtitles to benefit a wide audience.


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Author Biography

Hayley Dawson, Universities of Roehampton and Surrey

Hayley Dawson is a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey contributing to the ESRC-funded SMART project, which investigates how respeaking technology can provide multilingual access. She holds a PhD in Translation Studies from the University of Roehampton, in which she explored training for interlingual respeakers to provide access for a wide audience. She is a member of the international research group GALMA and contributes to delivering training courses for pre-recorded subtitling and interlingual respeaking. Hayley also works as a freelance language and accessibility specialist and provides services in Spanish to English translation, subtitling, respeaking and training.




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Dawson, H. (2020). A Research-Informed Training Course for Interlingual Respeaking. Journal of Audiovisual Translation, 3(2), 204–225. https://doi.org/10.47476/jat.v3i2.2020.126



Special Issue: November 2020